Master Key Systems

One of our specialties at Valley Locksmiths & Security is designing and installing restricted master key systems.

There will be times when you need to split a property into separate areas and restrict access for certain people. But if you rekey the locks and have a different key for every door, then your key ring will weigh you down. This is where we come in.

Valley Locksmiths & Security can design a restricted or unrestricted master key system to suit your needs. A key hierarchy is designed where different access levels are required.

Our Simple Design

  • Master Key opens all locks
  • Office Key opens all locks except the Managers office
  • Entry Key opens front door and gates – no office doors
  • Gate Key only opens gate locks

With this design your manager can carry one key to gain access everywhere while your rubbish removal company can only get in the gate with their key.

Restricted Key Option

If you want to make sure you have total control over your master key system then you can choose the restricted key option.

Restricted keys have a registered profile and are only available to registered locksmiths. These keys can only be duplicated by the locksmith who installed the master key system, and only when accompanied by a written authorisation from your nominated signatory(s).