Total Security Solutions

Everyone merits feeling safe, and being safe. For decades, Valley Locksmiths and Security have provided South Australians with peace, tranquility, and serenity. We associate exclusively with quality manufacturers. Our specialty is in tailor-making, instating, monitoring, and sustaining equipment and systems: with tried-and-true backup support. Not withstanding the extent of the job, it will be safeguarded with Valley Locksmiths and Security.

Motion Detection

Detectors are specified to suit the situation, from standard passive infrared detectors for the home or office, to long-range and 360-degree motion detectors or advanced hi-tech detectors capable of sensing movement in harsh industrial environments.

For domestic applications, pet-friendly sensors mean you don’t have to compromise your home security if your pets live indoors. For small pets and animals weighing less than 35 kg, they can be programmed to ignore your furry friends.

Detectors are itemised for different situations: long-range motion detectors at 360 degrees, passive infra-red detectors for a household or warehouse, or advanced hi-tech sensors suited to detecting motion in hard industrial environments.